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Loss Assessment


The most common mistakes that cost insured's thousands of dollars, are made within the first 15 minutes of the call to the insurance company when making claim. Our experts will come to the loss location to help you determine the extent of damage and to inform you as to whether you will exceed your deductible. This will help to avoid an unnecessary claim and loss run to your record. Please contact one of our professionals, for more details on this scenario.


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Our Resource Referral Program is Available, from Mitigation to Complete Restoration.


Precision Consulting, LLC

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 The Power of Good Advice.

As a property owner/investor, statistics show that a property loss will eventually become an experience. Having a loss consultant and strategist available, will help guide you through the steps of properly navigating the  details of loss assessment, remediation, preparation, presentation, and negotiation of a proper settlement.  

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We've been around the block

Our experiences began, with a hard lesson during a personal insurance claim, over 30 years ago. With information seeking options limited to The Yellow Pages and no Internet, finding quality options for assistance to the policy holder were cumbersome to achieve, as industry marketing was limited to word of mouth. If you didn't know someone to refer you to a specialized professional, you were left to your own limited resources. We were determined to inform and educate others on a wide scale, through community outreach, to make advocacy readily available to the property owner. Our office still actively provides free seminars and workshops, to community groups, property owners/investors, in an educational setting. This provides an understanding to the obligations of a policy, while reviewing their coverage in force, proactively informing the property owners of their position to coverage, prior to a loss.

Since that time, our active research and client compilation shows, that even with today's information availability, 7 out of 10 insureds have some sort of coverage discrepancy, that would cost them thousands of dollars in a claim situation, and they are not aware. This comes from misinformation and failure to completely review the contract after purchase. We have helped hundreds of property owners/investors, and financial institutions protect their interests with proactive information and achieve proper settlements when property loss  was experienced. But, we aren't done. There are many, many more, who still don't know till the worst happens... That's why we are here.


Client Testimonials

Goriana Alexander


Aura Real Estate and Management

Celeste Properties - Chicago



Thank you so much.  We are sport [sic], if we don't seem appreciative towards what you did!  You were wonderful.  As you know people going thru this, it was hard... 


Again thanks for efforts and all you did... We will refer you always. !!!

Steve Thomas, President
5T Management, Properties, Construction - Chicago

Greg is my "go to" guy, for insurance claims. As the owner of commercial properties and a property manager, property loss is a part of business... I've seen the expertise, thoroughness, and professionalism. When I first used his service, I was skeptical, but taking an $8,000.00 claim to $42,000.00 was surprising, especially with my background in construction! He's my number one referral to people who ask me, who I use. 

Gregory V. Miller, Esq.
Miller Ferguson, Ltd. - Chicago

I was referred to Greg & Precision, roughly 13 years ago. I suffered a fire at a property, which he handled. Being experienced with others in his industry, the openness and detail, the complete transfer of product and communications between the carrier, himself, and my office, was night and day in comparison to what his competitors provided. I would never look outside of the service he provides and am a regular referral of his service.


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